New location:
ul. Bakalarska 15A premises U2 ground floor
02-212 Warsaw

New numbers:
Phone: (22) 400 10 90
FAX (22) 400 10 91
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about us

who we are

We are an IT systems integrator established by a seasoned team with years of experience to our credit. We have been designing and deploying advanced server, mass storage, LAN and SAN systems for the past 20 years. Our Customers include Poland’s largest companies, the leaders of financial, power utility, construction, pharmaceutical and media industries, data processing centers, Internet portals, academia and a number of other State- and privately-owned institutions. Respect to the people, openness, dialog and trust are the pillars of our operations. We believe that our commitment, creativity and professional approach will convince customer to working with us. We are a team of perfectly complementary experts who share a true passion and an enthusiastic approach to life.

Our focus is on stable long-term development of the company, our staff members and of the talents they have been given. We promote their will to act and new ideas but first of all hard work which brings about tangible and measurable effects that translate into satisfaction of our Customers and – consequently – onto the success of the Company.
These strengths encourage our Customers to working with us and returning to our Company. This is precisely what we are focusing on: a long-term cooperation that is built on mutual trust.


The Board of Management:

Mr. Rafał Kulawiński
Board President and CEO
A graduate of Physics Faculty, Warsaw University. In charge of Company development and strategy. Privately, a dedicated windsurfing lover.

Mr. Andrzej Gładysz
Board Vice-President and Commercial Director
A graduate of Physics Faculty, Warsaw University. In charge of sales strategy and relations with suppliers. Privately, a bouldering enthusiast.


our idea

how do we operate

Our ultimate goal is to propose our Customers a structured complete offer of advanced Information Technologies that is complemented with the idea of development in the future.

Our Customers are provided with top level security, dependability and ease of operation. They are given a thorough support to day-to-day IT management, IT environment optimization and help them to enhance productivity and efficiency. We propose solutions that are tailored to their needs and deliver top quality hardware, guarantee an approved service and provide pre- and post-design support.

Averbit specializes in implementation and configuration of advanced data communication systems, including in particular mass storage systems such as disc matrix, tape libraries, visualization systems, as well as server systems of all platforms, including the advanced UNIX-based IBM Power Systems Server We deliver infrastructure Security Audit projects and provide maintenance and uninterrupted hardware operation services (on a 7/24 basis).

We go the extra mile to satisfy the needs of our Customers in an effort to enhance satisfaction from the quality of products, systems, solutions and services we deliver and provide.

It is our design to achieve sustainable long-term development in compliance with international systems of management so as to ensure information security and minimize environmental impact so as to meet related requirements of applicable legislation.


our offer

our solutions, customers and partners

Averbit is a partner of leading IT suppliers.
Some examples of our delivered projects:

  • Supply and implementation of a RISC server system platform to a leading bank in Poland. A framework agreement.
  • Supply and implementation of a mass storage visualization system to a leading power utility in Poland. A framework agreement.
  • Supply and implementation of a RISC server-based back-up center to a leading construction industry manufacturer in Poland.
  • Supply and implementation of mass storage and RISC server systems to Poland’s largest pharmaceutical wholesalers.
  • Expansion of a scalable IBM TS4500 tape library at a Poland’s leading media company.

Some of our partner manufacturers are:

  • IBM – Platinum Business Partner, Storage System & Server Systems Expert,
  • Lenovo – Premium Business Partner
  • Cisco – Select Certified Partner
  • Huawei – Authorized Partner CNE
  • HPE – Business Partner
  • vmware – Professional Business Partner


how to find us

Write to
Call at :(22) 400 10 90
Send a fax to :(22)400 10 91

or come to us – we are based in Warsaw, at ul. Bakalarska 15A

Company information :
averbit sp. z o.o.
ul. Bakalarska 15A premises U2 ground floor
02-212 Warsaw


KRS :  0000601578
NIP :  5223054076
REGON :  363720730
Initial capital :  100 000 PLN